Project: Bulgarian Embroideries

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Bulgarian Embroideries
Bulgarian Embroideries
Bulgarian Embroideries

About The project:


Bulgarian National embroideries are not just an element of our past, but also a cultural wealth that always inspires! Their secret meanings are unknown to many people, but in these beautiful symbols are hidden messages of the kin and wishes for a brighter future.
This was the main message we had to embed in the strategy and the design of the corporate materials of our client.

Our Insight:

Preoccupied with the day-to-day dynamics, we sometimes need to look to the past in order to draw on the experience of our ancestors. In our folklore, we can find infinite beauty and invaluable moral lessons.

CORE Message:

Along the modern ambitions do not forget the Bulgarian traditions!


We designed the Bulgarian National embroideries campaign, which is part of the bank's overall social responsibility program. We started with a unique calendar of stylized Bulgarian national embroidery. We chose the symbols: Rooster, Tulip, Rose, Horse etc., binding the months with those appropriate symbols, which are most often used for embroidering. Below each of the stylized embroideries, we placed some information so that everyone can quickly become familiar with the meaning of the symbol they are looking at.

The next step of the Bulgarian concept was to brand the bank's building, combining the key vision of the embroidery campaign with the slogan bearing the main message. "Along the modern ambitions do not forget the Bulgarian traditions!" - the text summarizes the whole idea of our campaign and even seen from afar, immediately impresses the passersby.

In addition to the calendar and the branding of the building, we also created thematic Christmas gifts, which were a surprise for our client‘s partners. The gift box included delicious and colourful cookies with handmade embroidery decorations, luxurious notes with the key vision, and elegant scarves with the fascinating symbols we mentioned above


The idea of preserving the Bulgarian traditions continues to unfold in the framework of other projects, which we will discuss additionally in greater detail.