Project: Wellness website

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Wellness website
Wellness website
Wellness website

About The project:

Prestige Wellness is the newest addition to the family of the longstanding Bulgarian leader in manufacturing sweets, Prestige 96. The Wellness brand has its very own target, to whom they offer innovative healthy desserts. The new generation of snacks is divided into two subcategories: one with super ingredients and another one without added sugar.

With the purpose of putting the focus on the brand Wellness itself and respectively on the proper introduction of the range of products to the public, we created a Promo page. –ěn the Home page we put an emphasis on a shorter information, aimed to present each one of the desserts in the best possible way. We selected specific SEO texts and combined them with a creative design, which highlights the playful packages. As part of our strategy to achieve a high brand awareness, we added to the drop down menu a section “About us”.

We kept in mind the graphic layout of the content, which we upload for the brand. We also paid special attention to the access of the website from different devices. Including tablets and smart devices, on whose screens to be seen the final vision.