Project: Sole Mio Social media

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Sole Mio Social media
Sole Mio Social media
Sole Mio Social media

About The project:

Sole Mio is a brand, which our team took from its launch on the Bulgarian market. It is specialized in production of high quality pasta. The product is made of selected sorts of durum wheat, thus the taste is so irresistible. The brand offers a great variety of products, appropriate for the whole family.

We created a Facebook page for Sole Mio, aimed to popularize the brand and reach new fens. Due to the fact that the product is new and unrecognizable by the audience, we proposed to publish Page Like formats for attracting new fens, in addition to the regular posts. The content is specifically created and sorted by the target groups, which we defined. On the page could be found a great diversity of content – from photos and video to game posts and recipes.

In order for the brand to reach broader target audience, we also created an Instagram profile. The posts are suitable for the specifics of this social media, which contributes to the spread of Sole Mio’s products.


Sole Mio