Project: Flashmob Investbank

Categories: Digital, Creative

Flashmob Investbank
Flashmob Investbank
Flashmob Investbank

About The project:


To create an outstanding long-term image platform that could be smoothly integrated both online and offline, and, at the same time, giving a sound foundation for successful CSR initiatives. The platform’s goal was to turn into a springboard for tactical product, as well as brand image, campaigns. But, we our team had to take into account the fact that our client has already made the first step in this direction with a previous campaign linking up its Bulgarian origin with the precious literature heritage of Bulgaria. This was a really tough task.

Our Insight:

We got inspired by the authentic Bulgarian traditions. And, our team matched the fact that Investbank is of Bulgarian origin, thus it was surely a win-win direction.

CORE Message:

Покрай модерните амбиции да не забравяме българските традиции! / Alongside modern ambitions, do not forget Bulgarian traditions!


Together with consultants from The National Ethnographic Museum, we chose 12 traditional Bulgarian embroideries. Our team look at them from a different angle, redesigned and refreshed every single embroidery, thus making the final artwork even more appealing to the target audience.
What followed was a total rebranding of Investbank’s Head Office, the Bank’s financial products (including credit cards and debit cards), posters, calendars and all other collateral materials.
The icing on the cake was a Flash Mob activation in front of the National Palace of Culture, while Bulgaria was the EU Chairman state. The amazing happening was led by the worldwide famous
“101 Caba Bagpipes”. 
All of the above was the start of a fruitful CSR campaign linked up with the launch of a specific bank product.


Higher, as never before, brand awareness and positive brand image of Investbank. Our client also reported huge logo awareness and even better corporate image. The campaign doesn’t stop here: until now Investbank have made 3 major donations to the Traditional Arts and Crafts Schools, leading to additional TV and press coverage all over Bulgaria.
The results: 10 % higher sales of credit cards; the Flash Mob YouTube video has 1 300 000 views (and counting), 23 470 shares and over 9 100 likes.