Project: Grand Hotel Sofia

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Grand Hotel Sofia
Grand Hotel Sofia
Grand Hotel Sofia

About The project:


Facelift of the corporate communications materials, both digital and offline. Thus, impressing all potential visitors, guests and potential clients with the refreshed visual identity of the hotel.

Our Insight:

A strong and vivid sign will make Grand Hotel Sofia stand out in an elegant, as well as a memorable way among its major rivals in the highly competitive local and worldwide market.

CORE Message:

We speak “Grandeur”


Our team came up with an internationally recognizable, symbol that was to leave its footprint upon every single piece of communication: whether it’s a brochure, a digital activation, a social media campaign or a classic greeting card. The “G” was leaving an instant and memorable impression upon everyone, from frequently flying business ladies and businessmen, to people who were travelling for pleasure, willing to indulge in the luxurious ambience, while enjoying themselves Bulgaria’s capital.
Furthermore, the “G” was leading all core messages, in other words, every key headline started with “ G”, thus welcoming the reader into a world of glamorous suites and guestrooms, genuine gastronomy, grand opportunities for glamorous events and happenings.


The number of visits has more than doubled and continues to rise.


Grand Hotel Sofia