Project: Nivea

Categories: Creative


About The project:


Launching a new product is always an exciting opportunity for our team. Thus, when Nivea called us with the task to turn the brand’s new Body Mousse into an instant success all over Bulgaria, we were happy to respond. What followed on the next day was also a brief to create a beautifully engaging calendar for Nivea.

Our Insight:

The Body Mousse’s elegant package shape is the perfect foundation for turning it into the message, or, in other words, unique neck hanger. And, the calendar should continue the elegant message and develop it into an engaging and meaningful communication material.

CORE Message:

Hydrate Your Body with Body Mousse


We created a series of neck hangers that were the attractive beads that every single Body Mousse wore. And, our team went to create a captivating calendar with the idea to link up each of the 12 months with 12 specific Nivea products. Furthermore, the products were a natural, yet stylish, part of the environment, subtly but surely revealing their benefits for the relevant customers.


The Body Mousse is already among the bestsellers in the ever-growing body lotions category, while the calendar is perceived as an art installation, not just as a simple day counter.